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Is It Time to Recalculate Your Travel Agency’s Business Direction?

Redirect Your Travel Business - Certified Travel TeacherIt is good to step aside and recalculate the direction of your travel business to see if you are on the road to success.

On a recent trip to Kansas City, we had reserved a rental car.  Not knowing where we were going, we asked for a GPS with the car.  As we left the airport, we quickly realized it was good to have that voice telling us which of the multitude of highways to take.  We sometimes made wrong turns and we would hear “recalculating route”.  Then as we turned a corner or two, we found ourselves on the right path.

Which direction is your travel business headed?

It made me think that sometimes we get going in our business and don’t stop to calculate the cost and reward of what we are doing.  Maybe you are doing too many “cheap” bookings and need to step up to a higher level of clients.  I have done that this year.  Now I charge fees for bookings and am getting those professional clients who understand the value of paying for service by a professional.

Stop by my online travel agent training school and pick up some tips that will “recalculate” your business route.

You can also get the manual “Become a Home Travel Agent” at Amazon or in the Kindle version.  Whatever way you choose, you will become a better resource for your clients.

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