Why Become a Travel Agent

Why Would Anyone Want to Become a Travel Agent?

TravelAgentTombstone-CertifiedTravelTeacherTravel Agents are a dying breed – False

People have stopped using Travel Agents – False

If a Travel Agent can do it, anyone can do it – False

You can’t earn a living as a Travel Agent – False

Travel Agents are not dead nor extinct. We are very much alive and have a wealth of information to share with our clients.

There are a lot of ways to see the world, but not all of them are right for everyone. Without a Professional Certified Travel Agent, people are on their own and that can be uncomfortable and expensive.

Is booking travel online a better way to go?

It’s true, that with the age of the Internet and online travel booking companies, most people assumed, and there are those who still assume, that Travel Agents would be a thing of the past…but more and more people are finding that booking your own travel is often…

  • More cumbersome
    • It’s not as easy as you think it will be to get the right flights at the right time and the right price.
  • More confusing
    • With so many online travel sites, and so many promises from them, you have to go through the motions of booking your travel on multiple sites to try to find the best prices (they all promise the best prices, but they all seem about the same.)
  • More disappointing
    • They don’t share first hand information and experience with you online, so your trip often proves to be less than the perfect trip you had envisioned.

As a Travel Agent you will get the job done, and done right….

  • As a Certified and Educated Travel Agent, you will also have not only your own personal experiences, but you have a network of travel agents with their own experiences, that can help by providing information and insights that will help your clients have the best possible travel experience.
  • You will build relationships with individuals from companies you buy from who can share hints & tips and information that is not general knowledge for the public…you develop clout.
  • When things go wrong, as they sometimes do, either with the booking or during your client’s trip, you will be able to step in and help them…you will become their hero and their safety net!
  • You can save your clients time in the booking process, they can just turn it over to you, and you’ll get everything all set up or them.  And if the travel plans are complex, you’re the expert, you’ll get them the best situation possible.

Being a travel agent is good for you too!

  • ReadyToTravel-CertifiedTravelTeacherYou will meet a lot of great people, who you will develop great relationships with; and it’s such a good feeling to be able to help the people you like
  • You will also be able to do some traveling yourself…
    • You can earn great discounts for: hotels, cruises, car rentals and tours
  • You’ll be getting paid for doing something you love
  • You can start your own travel business, be your own boss, work from home and set your own hours….Life is Good!

Are you ready for a change?

My online travel agent training school will give you the basic training you need to make the change you desire. There is nothing like this anywhere at any price. You will learn the entire industry with all the tools in your hand to be a profitable professional. Now is the time to make that decision.

Build a Home Travel Agency is now available in book form at Amazon.com or ebook at Kindle.com. Whichever way you choose, jump in and learn, and have fun!


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