What is a Travel Agent??

A travel agent description “tongue in cheek” – kind of…..

Having just completed ANOTHER training seminar, the thought crossed my mind, that the public has no idea what a travel agent is or does or doesn’t do. 

Many hats

Many hats

So here is a list for starters:

  • I have advanced degrees in accounting, public relations, marketing, business building, computer science, civil engineering and all languages of the world.
  • Of course I remember the reservation you booked 6 years ago, even though you don’t have a confirmation number and you think it was made under a last name that begins with a T.


  • Crystal Ball Knowledge
    Crystal Ball Knowledge

    Don’t bother telling me any dates or cities since I am a mind reader and already have the reservation in my crystal ball before me.

  • I smile, empathize, sympathize, console, cajole, up-sell, down-sell, cross-sell, perform, sing, dance, make coffee and fix the printer.
  • In addition, I do not get any breaks during the day, start early, work late, stay awake all night worrying about your trip.

  • I take full responsibility for airline food (or lack thereof), traffic jams, rental car flat tires, weather, hotel locations and the national economy.
  • Of course I can fit you into the hotel at the special corporate rate because you are affiliated with the Blackburn North Lawn Bowling Club.
  • I am never offended when I spend 10 hours researching a 12 day European itinerary only to hear you say you “booked it yourself over the internet and saved $30!!” 
  • I love when people walk up to me at parties and out of the blue expect me to know the latest airfares from Melbourne to Ibiza via Bryon Bay, the Maldives and Nairobi off the top of my head.
  • Sitting in hard chairs for hours learning about what hotels are remodeled, what new cruise ships are coming and old ones are going, and what each new destination in the world is offering visitors is my idea of a great day!  But I do it for YOU.
  • I will still be here for you when you have left me to book your next trip online.  Come on back.  I won’t say a word.
  • I love my business, I love my clients, I love to travel, and I love to teach about the best way to see the world before you leave it.  Please take a moment visit my web site and listen to my video.  It is an inexpensive way to travel.  Cruise & Tour Planners


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