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Is the Bell Ringing for Travel School?

Is it time for Travel School - Cruise and Tour PlannersThe school bell is ringing, you had better hurry in to your favorite seat and not be late.

You may not have gone to the kind of school I went to, but I remember the panic I felt that I might be late for class.  And if it was the geometry class with all the senior football players, well I felt sick.

Then I remember grade school and having to cross the railroad tracks.  There was always a train blocking our way, so we crawled under the connections.

It’s a good thing Mom never knew.

Times have certainly changed.

Now you can go to school wherever you are…on your lap top.

My online travel agent training school  has a seat for you, and you’ll never be late!  That seat could be:

  • You can get travel agent training anywhere - Cruise and Tour PlannersAt the beach
  • In a boat
  • In the mountains
  • In your office

It’s your choice!

Isn’t that fantastic? Technology has made it so much easier to follow our dreams, to explore and to learn.

Come and learn Basic Training to become a Profitable Professional Travel Agent.  The classes are fun, affordable and short.  But you will learn the whole industry and be ready to open your own office and be profitable.

Another option is to get the manual “Become a Home Travel Agent” at or the ebook at  Now you have a choice.  No excuses for not learning.

See you in class and don’t forget your BIG crayons and round end scissors.

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