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Is the Travel Industry Dead?

The travel industry is not extinct - Cruise and Tour Planners


The Travel Industry is neither dead nor extinct!

It seems everywhere I go lately, when I tell people I am in the travel industry, their eyes open wide and they exclaim “I thought you were extinct”.

No way!  Dinosaurs are extinct.  Not the travel industry.  Serious money can be made in a fun industry.

Maybe you would like to join us?  It is fun to be able to help someone make their travel dreams come true.  That “job well done” makes it all worthwhile.

How to Get Started

Quit your job and become a travel agent - Cruise and Tour Planners

I quit

Quit your JOB (jump outta bed) and set up your office at home.

My online school will tell you all the steps to take and you are ready to do that first booking.

What do travel agents do?

To put it simply…we help people plan their travel.

  • What kind of travel have you done?
  • What countries stole your heart?
    • Maybe you want to specialize in that?
    • You probably have special secrets you can share with others who want to do what you have done.

The school door is open, bring your lap top to the beach, the mountains, or your own backyard and learn a new profitable profession.  Training is critical in this complex industry.

The travel industry is looking for professional agents, it’s looking for you!

Sign up today

“Become a Home Travel Agent” is available in manual form without my witty narration at or in the kindle version.  Whatever form you decide, you will be a winner

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