Travel Agent Spring Training

Baseball Players and Travel Agents Both Need “Spring” Training

TrainingforTravelAgents-CruiseandTourPlannersStrike one.  Strike two.  Strike three – you are out.  Baseball has no mercy.  You get 3 strikes and you are gone.

I have been going to baseball games since I was a small child when teams would come to my town and my Great Uncle would take us to watch.  I learned how to yell – umbaby, umbaby, etc.  It was great fun.

As a travel agent, you are always up to bat.

The phone rings and it is a potential client.  They are pitching balls to you about their potential destinations and how to see them.  You need to make some quick decisions about what to suggest.  You have qualified this client just as the team has qualified the pitcher.  You need to be quick to respond to that “pitch”.  Will your first hit make it to first base and you can be hitting it out of the park and onto the booking?  Or will you get a second pitch or a third?  Will you be “struck out” and lose the client?

Home Travel Agent - Cruise and Tour PlannersJust as in baseball, to be a successful travel agent, you need training.  At spring training all the new baseball players learn the basics.  The basic training for a travel professional can be found at Certified Travel Teacher.  This will increase your ability to hit more home runs in your career instead of just swinging AT the ball.

You can also get the training in manual form at Amazon or in the Kindle format at Become a Home Travel Agent.  Whichever way you choose, get trained and get in the game.

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