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Are you almost ready for that rocking chair?

Grandma's rocking chair

Grandma's rocking chair

Oh no you aren’t.  Travel Agent School is ready for you to  become a Certified Travel Agent.  Don’t be like my Grandfather who retired from the Post Office as a mailman.  He had carried those heavy packs walking his route for over 30 years.  Then he sat down on the “stoop” of his house and died.  My grandmother never worked outside the home and she had several rocking chairs which were used a lot for reading, mending, grandmothering and napping.  Well, those days are over.

Are you ready to refire and keep on going?

Many people will never retire because they have been eliminated from their jobs for one reason or another.  So they are looking for a way to keep going.  Maybe another income?

I have a suggestion.  Become a trained  professional travel agent.  I know there are a lot of schemes out there that claim you can travel for free and be a travel agent.  No, I am talking about a business of your own to help people make their dreams come true.  Not an MLM or membership club.  A real honest-to-goodness travel agent with your own agency and, in all probability, work from home.  This is a great profession for husband and wife teams, both now retired from other professions.

Becoming a professional travel agent will give you the opportunity to travel and learn.

Many years ago I heard many of my high school class talking about retiring so they can travel.  Now you can travel and earn a nice income while doing so.  You will take Familiarization Trips (not free) and be able to see the world.  This can be your career to the end of your life.  I was over 50 when I started in this industry.  Now I have literally traveled the world and been to places I only read about in books.  Every trip is a dream come true.

portable school

portable school

My 34 online classes are easy-less than 1 hour each, comprehensive with downloadable forms-and very inexpensive. Affordable, portable and fun!  With proper training, you can be profitable, too.

I have paid tens of thousands of dollars over the years for this information.  Go learn and have fun. taught my myself, a full time travel agent

Or get the manual “Become a Home Travel Agent” on Amazon or the ebook on Kindle.  Either way, learn learn learn.

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