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Become A Travel Agent With A Niche

AdventureVacation-CertifiedTravelTeacherThere are Travel Agents, and then there are Travel Agents with a niche…a specialty. Similar to physicians who have specialized in different medical fields, it’s becoming quite popular with today’s Travel Agent to narrow down their focus, and become a true expert in a specific area of travel. Many clients are very specific about their travel desires, and prefer to book with someone who really knows what they’re talking about.

Just a note about a Travel Agent with a niche…people will search you out. If they try to book their specialized travel online, they will not be able to find a booking company that specializes in such travel as Destination Weddings or Adventure Vacations.

Questions that will help you choose the right niche for your agency…

  • Are you passionate about any one type of travel? You are going to want to choose a niche that you enjoy and that gets you excited.
  • Will your customers be repeat customers? Wedding Destination travel, hopefully for the client, is a once in a lifetime trip, but if you do a great job for your client, they will return to you for Romantic Getaways and recommend you to their friends. If Ski travel is your “thing”, just understand that half the year will be very busy, while the other half the year…not so much.
  • Determine the client profile that your niche will appeal to, and this will give you an idea of the type of marketing you should do.
  • These are the kinds of things to consider while choosing your niche.

Types of Travel Niches to consider:

  1. CruiseAgent-CruiseAndTourPlannersCruises – People love cruising, and it could be a very  good niche to become involved in. There are several types of cruises, such as river cruises, luxury cruises, world cruises, and themed cruises. Because people love cruising, if you do a good job, you would probably have a lot of repeat business.
  2. Destination Weddings – Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular…When a bride chooses this type of wedding they look to their travel agent to make sure everything she has planned will go smoothly. It’s common that the travel agent will be setting up a group package to include family and guests…something online travel companies typically don’t facilitate.
  3. Corporate Travel – Many large corporations plan for a large travel budget. This is a great opportunity for you to shine and offer great service, which corporations really appreciate, especially when travel is an important part of their business. You would be responsible for planning travel, hotel stays, and ground transportation. There are times when the client wants to do additional planning so they can combine business with pleasure, and it could involve their whole family.
  4. Voluntourism – This may be a term you haven’t heard of, but I’m sure you have heard of people traveling to poorer countries in order to perform service projects for the people of the country. This is becoming a very popular and worthwhile thing to do, and you could become a part of it. Voluntourism also incorporates the clients doing some touring of the country while they are there.
  5. Adventure Travel – This too is becoming a very popular type of travel, especially for the younger generation. let’s get physical! How fun to be able to help your clients plan adventures such as safaris, surfing trips, shark encounters or mountain climbing.

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