Time To Travel- Part 1

How do I make my dream vacation happen?   Part 1   

Let’s try to make it a “dream”, not a “nightmare”.  No matter what your travel

Sweet Dreams

plans are, you need a travel professional.  In choosing one, make sure they have the proper certifications:  CTC (Certified Travel Counselor) and MCC or ECC (Master or Elite Cruise Counselor).  Ask how extensive the agent has traveled and are they constantly in training attending seminars and conventions.

  There are many “agents” who are only selling memberships and have no concern in your travel experience.  A legitimate travel professional cares about you and constantly following up on all aspects of your travel.   

  • First of all is the WHEN? 
  • Next is the WHERE?
  • Last is HOW?  



Every place in the world has an idealic time to visit.  There can be spring, summer, winter, and fall seasons.  Places in the southern hemisphere the


 seasons are direct opposite from the northern hemisphere.  Tropical places have dry seasons and wet seasons.  Desert places have dry and humid seasons. Along the equator the seasons do not vary much.   For travel seasons there is:

  •  High season.  When tourism is at its peak.  Usually based on school and tourist holidays
  •  Low season.  Uusally based on the weather – the least desirable for the most tourists.
  • Shoulder season.  In many places, shoulder seasons are idyllic seasons to travel.  Weather is mild, summer crowds are gone and winter weather has not yet become a problem.  Travel prices are lower in shoulder than in summer.

 Holidays need to be considered at your destination.  Sometimes it is a great time to visit a destination and other times it can be very expensive and hard to get accommodations.  For some people, holiday times are the only way they can travel.  PLAN AHEAD.  A professional can give you good advise.

Do you like active travel?  In this case you need the best weather conditions for your activity.  You may also need to take some equipment for your trip. 

travel with equipment

 We can give you advise on how to prepare for packing.  There are many weight and size restructions, especially on airlines.

Read Part 2 for the Where and How.

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