Time To Travel

What is keeping you at home?  It’s time to travel, again.

Everyone remembers September 11, 2001.   In December that year I was in Orlando, Florida visiting Disney World.  No one was traveling.  The place was empty as a old castle.  The planes were empty.  It was a ghost town.  I had trouble sleeping for 2 nights, which never happens with me.  I began to sing a little song and it wouldn’t leave my head.  Around and around it went until I got it all written down.  Now, I wondered, what am I suppose to do with this ditty.  Maybe I’ll go on TV and try to get people traveling again.

Well, the years have gone by and people did start to travel.  But now we are paralyzed again.  For over 2 years the travel industry has been in a slump.  What happened this time?  There are many factors that have caused this and are still affecting travel.

Here is my song and maybe it will stir someone to go someplace and call me to help.

Singing as you go

Singing as you go

“It’s time we start to travel again.  Shake off the fear that you’ve been living in.  There are bargains everywhere, on the land, the sea, the air.  It’s time we start to travel again.

It’s time we start to travel again.  The USA’s a good place to begin.  Drive a car, hop a train, take a cruise, fly a plane.  It’s time we start to travel again.

It’s time we start to travel again.  It’s our right, our freedom and we win.  Take your family, take a friend.  See the world from end to end.  It’s time we start to travel again.”

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