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 Learning the Travel Industry is Like Learning to Drive

Learning the Travel Industry is Like Learning to Drive - Cruise and Tour Planners

1953 Buick

Did you learn to drive a stick shift car?

My first car to drive was a 52 Buick with a stick shift.  There was a lot of jerking, killing the engine, grinding and restarting.  Thankfully, I learned in a city with no hills.

I got really good at driving with 2 feet to work 3 peddles.  Some cars had the shift on the floor and some on the steering column.  On the floor was not romantic if you wanted to sit close to the driver.

The next generation…

The next challenge was teaching 2 girls to drive a VW squareback in Seattle.  They caused a lot of gray hair and a new clutch.  But now those girls are awesome drivers.

Steer towards the travel Industry - Cruise and Tour PlannersI often think that being in the travel industry is a lot like the gears on a stick shift car.

What gear are you in?

Are you just starting and chugging a long in first?  That does make a lot of noise if you try to speed up.

Most of the noise is coming from you, as you wonder “how” to tackle the new challenges.  Maybe you are in second and the gears are starting to grind as you find more opportunities in the business and you don’t know “how” to learn more.  Or maybe you have shifted all the way into 3rd and cruising along very well.

Drive Your Business in Overdrive

I remember when “overdrive” came along in cars.  Now we could really go.  Is it time for you to take your business into “overdrive” and really become profitable?

I have the answer for you.

My online travel agent training school will allow you to shift from wherever you are, into the next level.  As you keep learning, you can keep shifting till you are in that race car and heading for the finish line full blast.  You are the WINNER!!  Join the “Winner’s Circle” and be profitable.

You can also get my manual “Become a Home Travel Agent” with similar information but not my witty narration at or the kindle version.  However you choose, the training is what you need.


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