How Can You Know About a Cruise Line?

Travelers Will Mourn Its Passing

Today we are in mourning. A very special cruise line has died. It is somewhat like loosing a pet or special friend.

Cruise West

Cruise West

This company has been based in Seattle for over 60 years. Founded by a man with a passion for Alaska. He loved taking people into the far corners of the state and watching the wildlife up close. That is the best way to see this magnificent state.

But she is gone. Why? Well, I am not in the inner circle of the company, but I have some ideas. A while back the company sold and the new owners did not have the “feel” for the company that a founding owner has. I have seen this in many kinds of companies. So, the company began to expand all over the world. Then the economy went downhill in 2008. That spells death in any language.

But here is the point of my rambling. I saw this coming months ago when I heard the company was looking “for money”. This is a red flag to a travel agent. But, they kept taking bookings and some agents kept booking with them. That is OK, if you are buying 3rd party travel insurance that will protect you against bankruptcy. But when you book direct, you don’t do that. Most people don’t buy any insurance. You certainly don’t want to buy the company insurance-ever!!

Then people paid by check. Not smart. So, unless the company has pity on them and gives them back their money, the clients are the losers. When buying travel, always use a credit card. All credit card companies have different policies, but you maybe able to get some of your money back when you pay with a card.

So, let the funeral dirge begin as we bid farewell to a hometown company, Cruise West. Pass the tissues.

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