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Who is Your Best Travel Client?

Image of Travel clients are best at the "top of the tree" - Certified Travel Teacher

Fruit at the top

Have you ever picked fruit in an orchard?  The tendancy is to pick the low hanging fruit.  It is easiest to get and you can move quickly.

However, the best, sweetest, and ripest-on-the tree fruit is at the top of the tree where the sun hits first.  To get up there you need a ladder.  If you own the orchard, this is the fruit that brings you the highest dollar from your customer.

In the travel industry, it is easy to sell the lowest priced travel.  The vast amount of travelers are looking for “cheap”, but your commissions don’t amount to much and you work hard for the little you make.

Know Your Clients

I used to think if I took good care of those clients, next time they would come back and buy something more expensive.  Not true – once “cheap” almost always “cheap”.  There are

Image of Climb the ladder for top travel clients - Certified Travel Teacher

Reach for the top

situations where the lower prices work for a while, but soon that client is ready to move onto another level.  You need to know who that is and when that is about to happen so you can be there.

Set your goals for the clients who want the better travel values –  nicer cruise ships, better hotels, unusual destinations and experiences.  Those commissions come with commas.

Grab your ladder – – and start climbing.  It won’t take long and the quality is way better up there.

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