Tend to Your Business

How do You Tend Your Business?

TendYourBusiness2-CruiseandTourPlannersAre you a vegetable or flower gardener?

In our area we have “pea patches”.  These are plots of ground that either the city or land owners give to the city to be divided up into plots for city dwellers to become “gardeners”.

Our family had one when our children were young and every evening we were off to tend the garden.  After 3 years of that, we put one in our back yard.  After a couple years of that, it went back to grass.

In your business you have a “garden”.

How are you tending to your garden?

First of all you must prepare the “soil”. 

  • Figure out where you will plant your garden (business). 
  • Get all your proper licensing, insurance, office equipment set ups and develop your data base.    

Then choose your seeds carefully. 

  • What travel products will you be offering?  

Now it is time to plant those seeds or plants. 

  • Taking classes offered by the various companies, islands, countries, and products will give you healthy doses of information for your clients.

Watering those seeds will help you begin to see some fruits of your labor.

  • How do you handle the calls?  
  • Do you know how to qualify the clients for the best travel value?  
  • Then there are weeds to constantly take out.  Many calls are just “tire kickers” wanting to know how you will match or low ball some offer they have seen on the internet and these weeds need to be pulled out before they suck up all the nutrients  (your energy) of your garden.

BusinessTools-CruiseandTourPlannersNow that your garden is flourishing, it is time to harvest the crop.  The fruit of your labor (commissions) are your reward.

My online travel agent training school will be the tools you need for working in your garden.  I have everything to make this a profitable garden.  Come and see.


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