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What Do Travel Agents Do - Cruise and Tour Planners

Learning the Travel Business In Order

When you picked the travel agent career, did you see the whole picture at the beginning? This industry is extremely complex and has so many different “pictures”. Even after scores of years, new pictures are constantly emerging. This is what makes it exciting and challenging. Every new contact becomes a new adventure and a new “brick” for your wall of knowledge.

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Reboot Your Life - Cruise and Tour Planners

Reboot Your Life

Sometimes I feel computers have minds of their own. No matter how important the task, the computer is in charge. As I work through a project I am constantly saving my work. But, just at that time when I forgot to save, the computer decided it has worked enough and takes a break.

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Become a Travel Agent - Cruise and Tour Planners

Travel Agent Business

Here is your “card” to stay out of jail or to stay in business and not lose everything.

Many new agents have no idea what kind of tasks they are performing that could end them in jail or maybe not quite so harsh, but cause them to lose everything in a lawsuit.

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