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Does this look like Alaska?

Alaska Cruising Review

I have cruised from Seattle to the glaciers and back for 7 nights. Talking to many people onboard, I found a lot of unhappiness with the itinerary, the ship, the ports and the weather (but who controls that?). I tried to explain to them that if they had booked with a Certified Travel Agent, all of those complaints would have been taken care of at the booking process. All of these people had booked by themselves online or with a company who only employees “order takers”.

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Switzerland's mountains


You would need to spend sometime exploring all the different areas and cultures of Switzerland. Where it borders on France, it has taken on the French culture. The same with Italy and Germany. The jewel lakes, majestic mountains, charming villages tucked away in the hillsides, and friendly people are evident in every area.

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