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Disneyland California

There is no other company is the world like Walk Disney. I am a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge – mortar board with ears. The only vacation place I have ever been to where I don’t hear tears. There is more to Disney than meets the eye. They are very strict about their rules to protect their brand. That reflects on the outward product you see and enjoy.

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Travel Prepardness

Sitting in my hospital room a couple of days ago gave me much time to think about this post. I had not been prepared to make this trip. I thought I had a 1 hour doctor appointment. Six hours later I was being transported by ambulance to the hospital. What’s with this? I don’t have time, I told the doctor. I need to get some things done FIRST!!! But, in the end, I was whisked away.

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Traveling Help

Are you doing your own research online and booking it yourself? How much time are you spending? Or do you enjoy the challenge of finding “deals”?
Are you doing your own research online and then calling a Certified Travel Agent to book it for you?

You only know where and when but you let a Certified Travel Agent put the pieces together and give you options

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