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Alaska Inside Passage

Alaska Cruise/Tour Review

Many of the ships from Seattle do not go through the beautiful inside passage. This is the scenic part of the trip with mountains and evergreen scenery on both sides. The passages are narrow and the ships must go very slow. Many times here is where you see wildlife and native villages. The mountain are snow covered glaciers and spectacular.

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We Took The Church to Alaska

A few years ago, I took a group from our church on an Alaska cruise. One of the classes in the church started the ball rolling. I blocked some space on Royal Caribbean’s Serenade of the Seas to Alaska from Vancouver. We then invited anyone wanting to go to come to a lunch after church. We thought probably 15-20 would show up and 99 people came.

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Does this look like Alaska?

Alaska Cruising Review

I have cruised from Seattle to the glaciers and back for 7 nights. Talking to many people onboard, I found a lot of unhappiness with the itinerary, the ship, the ports and the weather (but who controls that?). I tried to explain to them that if they had booked with a Certified Travel Agent, all of those complaints would have been taken care of at the booking process. All of these people had booked by themselves online or with a company who only employees “order takers”.

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