How do you know you need me to help with your travel?

  • Do you do your own research online and book it yourself? How much time are you spending? Or do you enjoy the challenge of finding deals?
  • Do your own research online and then call a Certified Travel Agent to book it for you.
  • You only know where and when and you let a Certified Travel Agent put the pieces together and give you options
  • You just want to bounce ideas off a Certified Travel Agent and book it yourself
  • You want help all the way

With the advent of the internet, there are so many ways to learn about the world. Let’s explore some of the pluses and minuses

Hotels. That shouldn’t be too hard to book yourself, should it?

  • Where is it located? Safe or not?
  • Do you know if it is clean? When was it refurbished?
  • Do the front desk people speak your language?
  • Are you paying “rack” rate or getting the best price?
  • Does it have the amenities you want? Pool? Open or closed for renovation? Restaurant? What hours? Close to sites you want to see? Shuttle to and from the airport or cruise terminal- free or fee?
  • Is there parking? Free or fee? Valet or do it yourself?
  • Do you need to know about handicap facilities?

Resorts. This is harder.

Some of the questions above fit this, too.

  • What time of year are you going? What is the weather? Temperature AND humidity? Does that matter?
  • Is it All Inclusive, EP, or what?
  • Is it adult only or family? Are you going at school vacation time?
  • Do you want a large property or boutique?
  • Do you like recreational features – golf, tennis, water toys?
  • Do they have a kids club? How extensive? What ages? What hours? Free or fee?
  • View? Beach? Mountains? Water? Parking Lot? Roof top? Alley?

A Tour. With a group, by yourself or a combination?

  • Independent or Escorted?
  • How long in each city?
  • Where are the hotels located? What are the ratings?
  • All meals in the hotels or options?
  • Age group of the passengers?
  • How many on the coach?
  • Single supplement? Will the company give you a roommate?
  • Do you know what you will be seeing? History? Stories? Will you miss that most important thing you wanted to see because you are lost all the time?

I could do on and on, but these are some of the questions I can answer. I am constantly in seminars and attending trade shows to keep up with the industry worldwide. So how do I work with my clients? For many years airlines, car rentals, hotels, tour operators, etc. paid us commissions for booking their companies. Many of those have disappeared because suppliers “think” everyone will book online. In simple situations that is true, but finding the best for YOU, the client, takes time. There are many ways to see the world, but not all are right for you. Without a Certified Travel Agent, you are on your own and that can be very expensive and uncomfortable.

  • In many cases I charge fees. These depend on how much research I need to do to make this trip happen.
  • If it is a simple cruise with nothing else, there may not be a fee.
  • If it is airline tickets, there is a fee.

Your choice: I am a Certified Travel Agent or book online and hope for the best??