Is retirement in your future?

Retirement dreams

Retirement dreams

Does retirement sound dull and boring?

Do you still have energy and want to do “something” with the last years of your life?  Don’t just sit down and die!!

Have you traveled during your life?  How about sharing those experiences and insights with someone else?

Maybe you need to take a look at an “end of life” career as a Certified Travel Agent.

Become a  Certified Travel Agent

Be a certified travel agent during your retirement

Traveling desk

With technology today, you can be anywhere in the world and book travel.  You are not chained to a desk and chair.  I have stood on the street in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and booked a cruise!!

Do you have a special kind of travel you enjoy?  Diving, skiing, mountain climbing, cruising?  Are there special countries or cities that call your name?  The first question most people ask me is “have you been there”?

Clients have confidence in you if you can tell them about the special little restaurants or private beach you found.  Where is that golf course you dream of going back to?

Do you want your work/travel to “mean” something?

Retirement can mean hymanitarian travel

Humanitarian travel

Maybe you want to take “humanitarian” trips to help those less fortunate.  This is a huge niche market for retirees.

There is opportunity to participate in:

  • Building houses
  • Cleaning up cities that have been devastated by disasters
  • Going on mission trips with your church or any number of trips for great causes.

Take a group of friends with you when you go and you can cover your own costs.

Now in print “Become a Home Travel Agent” at and in ebook at

Let’s talk about this possibility for your future.

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