Retired or Rewired

Why Not Rewire When You Retire?

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What to do next?

Is retirement in your future? When I was young the big goal of everyone was to reach 65 and retire. 

My grandfather had that goal and when he finally reached it, he only lived a few more years.  Now we are way too healthy and active to sit down and die.

A couple of weeks ago our bathroom fan began making terrible noises.  My husband is a fabulous “fixer”.  We had a choice to retire it or rewire it.  It is only 30+ years old, so Ken decided to get a new motor and fix it.  Good as new.

How Can You Rewire?

What about your future?  Do you still have energy and want to do “something” with the last years of your life?  Don’t just sit down and die!!  Have you traveled during your life?  How about sharing those experience and insight with someone else?

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Become a Certified Travel Agent.  Scores of people are doing this in their “end of life” career. 

With technology today, you can be anywhere in the world and book travel.  You are not chained to a desk and chair.  I have stood on the street in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and booked a cruise!! 

Do you have a special kind of travel you enjoy?  Diving, skiing, mountain climbing, cruising?  Special countries or cities that call your name?  The first question most people ask me is “have you been there”?  Clients have confidence in you if you can tell them about the special little restaurants or private beach you found.  Where is that golf course you dream of going back to?

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Maybe you want to take “humanitarian” trips helping those less fortunate.  This is a huge niche market for retirees.  Build houses, clean up cities that have been devastated by disasters, go on mission trips with your church  or any number of trips for great causes.  Take a group of friends with you when you go and you can cover your own costs.

Let’s talk about this profitable possibility for your future. 

Also available in a manual without my witty narration at “Become a Home Travel Agent” or in Kindle.  Either way get trained to be profitable and fulfill your dreams.



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