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Are You a Practicing or Professional Travel Agent?

BeaProfessional-CruiseandTourPlannersHave you thought about all the professional people who “practice” their professions?  It seems the medical field is particularly strong in “practicing”.  Of all the professions, couldn’t there be a better term for someone who will be giving me advise for my body?

I don’t mind tennis players or baseball players or even football players practicing.  I used to practice my piano lessons every single day.  How I hated that.  Singers, guitar players, orators all practice.  If you are to give a speech, you practice.  Practicing also means that at some point they will have whatever they are doing perfected and can now perform properly.

Anyone calling themselves a travel agent should not be “practicing”.  You should be well versed in the world destinations, modes of travel and hospitality to be a professional.  You are dealing with client’s money and emotions and heaven help you if you drop a piece.  Before even making one booking, you need detailed training in the what, why and how of this vast industry.

Become a Professional Travel Agent Course - Cruise and Tour PlannersMy online travel agent training school will give you that foundation.  We don’t want people who are “practicing”, helping you see the world.  Training makes you a profitable professional.

Your seat is ready.  See you in class.

Another option is my manual “Become a Home Travel Agent” available at or in Kindle form.  Similar information as the school but without my witty narration.

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