Packaged Travel

“I don’t need a package.  I just want to go to ….” (you fill in the blank).

Pieces of travel

Pieces of travel

Packaged travel comes in all different types.   A “package” is the bundling together various components and giving the client one seamless trip.  Without you having to find each piece separately, we do it for you.

Most people are very independent.  But sometimes, it is good to have some help.  For instance: 

Start with your transportation.

  • Air
  • Car
  • Rail
  • Cruise ship
  • Combination

Companies called “Wholesalers” go out into the market place and negotiate with all of the above for lower prices than the public can get.  This becomes one part of the package

The next part is accommodations:

  • hotel
  • villa
  • cruise ship
  • motel
  • resort
  • condo

Where will you stay when you arrive at your destination?  Or maybe you have many stops on this trip and need all kinds of accommodations.  Once again, these prices are negotiated and put into your “package”.

Do you need transfers to and from airports and hotels?  How about sightseeing tours?  All day or part of a day?  How about restaurants?  Do you need to add activities such as skiing, diving, snorkeling, biking, hiking, shopping, golf, or any other adventure?  How about visits to local sites and knowledge of the history of the places you will visit? 


Don't waste time getting lost

Don't waste time getting lost

All of these can be included in your package

The advantage is that you don’t waste your precious holiday trying to figure out where you are and where you are going.  If a foreign language is involved, you might have a hard time finding someone you can talk to.  Map reading can be confusing.  Will you be standing looking at a building or a landscape and know nothing about what you are looking at?

Here are some package trips that give you an idea of what the above is about:

  • Disney-Orlando, California or other countries, as well as their new tours all over the world
  • Las Vegas or Reno or other gaming destinations
  • Mexico or Caribbean
  • Europe or other countries in the world
  • City visits in the US and other countries
  • Hawaii or other South Pacific Countries
  • Visits to archeological ruins all over the world

The ALL INCLUSIVE vs. Non All Inclusive.  What does this mean?  Some resorts have packages that include all meals, all non-motorized water toys, golf, local alcholic drinks, kids clubs, teen clubs, weddings, honeymoon packages, and many other activities at the resort.  Some destintions have many resorts by the same company and offer you the chance to go from resort to resort for different experiences.  These All Inclusives have taken huge leaps in the last 3 or 4 years.  To name a few are

  • Sandals
  • Couples
  • Beaches
  • Swept Away
  • Super Clubs
  • Palace Hotels
  • And many many individual properties

All Inclusives used to be the exception, now they are the norm.

Talk to a me-your Certified Travel Agent who can give you proper advise.  Then get out there and “see the world before you leave it”!!

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