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How is Olympic Training Like Travel Agent Training?

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Train like an Olympian

Watching the Olympic Games is an emotional roller coaster.

I cry with those who lose and cheer with those who win.  I can’t even imagine the road these athletes took to get to this place and the intensity of training it has taken.  In one moment, they know if it was worth it.  And some come back year after year.  What dedication!!

In a way I can compare the Olympic training to the training to become a Professional Travel Agent.  You need constant training to become knowledgeable about the world and all the ways to see it.  You take all the trips you can at the worst weather of the year to see the world in person so you can paint a picture to the client.  The emotion you convey about the destination may mean whether you get to book the trip or the client will book it online.

Always be your best…

As with the Olympic contestants, the joyful end is why it is important to constantly be learning to be the best we can be.  To hear that client return from their dream trip and say

“It was so awesome.  Thank you so much for all you did to make it happen.”  That is our gold medal!!

The journey into travel MUST start with proper training. 

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Travel Agent Gold Medal

No Olympic contestant woke up in a morning and went into the Olympics.  And neither does a true Professional Travel Agent.  Build your foundation by going to https://certifiedtravelteacher.com/agent-training.  Your “gold medal” of client appreciation awaits.  Do it right!!

Also available is the Manual “Become a Home Travel Agent” at www.amazon.com or in ebook form at www.kindle.com.  Either way, jump in and pump those weights.

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