New Profession

Are You Ready for a New Exciting Profession?

Online Travel School - Cruise and Tour PlannersComputers – love them-hate them.  A necessary evil in today’s business.

My Office Program was having problems and running slow so I called Microsoft – 3 times.  Once to the Philippines and twice to India.

Finally, someone told me I had over 8,000 in my “sent” box and needed to clean it out.  I did and now it runs fine.

How is your personal “sent” box?

Do you find you are running slower these days?  Maybe it is time to clean out your “sent” segment of your life.  Is your “Sent” off to work at a job everyday is making you slower and slower.  I can help you change that.

Get your enthusiasm for life back

My online travel agent training school will prepare you for an interesting new profession Happy Travel Agent - Cruise and Tour Plannersinto the wonderful world of travel.

You can work at home – in your pajamas, if you wish.

You can see amazing places in the world and help others do the same.

Rekindle that enthusiasm in your life and become a Professional Profitable Travel Agent.

Also available in book form “Become a Home Travel Agent” at amazon or ebook at Kindle.


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