New Career Path

New Year, New Leaf, New Career Path

NewLeafNewCareer-CertifiedTravelTeacherHave you ever left leaves on your lawn in the fall?  Then in the spring when you clean them up, you see new green grass underneath.  At the beginning of a new year, people are talking about “turning over a new leaf“… I think they mean turning over an old leaf to see something new to develop.

Do you feel stuck in your current work situation?

Many times we are stuck in a job or career and find ourselves unable to achieve what we really want in life.  Maybe it is the same neighborhood, same friends, same city or a dozen other “same” things that we would like to change.

A few months ago my 26 year old grandson had had enough “sameness” and packed up his car and headed out with a friend to see the United States.  My husband says he wishes he had done that at 26 or earlier.

Where is your “sameness” that needs the old leaf moved and new growth to take its place?

Stop working, Start a new career!

NewTravelCareer-CertifiedTravelTeacherIf you want a new career, including the ability to check off your bucket list of travel places, check out the travel industry.  You have a new “leaf” everyday helping people see the world before they leave it and getting a chance to see it for yourself.  My online travel agent training school can start you on that new career path.  Check it out  and sign up now…Certified Travel Teacher and get started in a new direction.

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