Learning the Travel Business In Order

Are You Learning the Travel Business in the Proper Order?

What Do Travel Agents Do - Cruise and Tour PlannersWhen you work a jigsaw puzzle in an orderly way, what is the first thing you put together?

We love to work jigsaw puzzles. The more pieces the better. The whole family gets into it, sometimes for days at a time. We don’t want to see the picture for a while so we can try to figure it out first. We always start by assembling the border, which is the foundation of the puzzle.

When you picked the travel agent career, did you see the whole picture at the beginning? Or did it come to you in bits and pieces? This industry is extremely complex and has so many different “pictures” (rules, protocols, legalities, and much much more) . Even after scores of years, new pictures are constantly emerging. This is what makes it exciting and challenging. Every new contact becomes a new adventure and a new “brick” for your wall of knowledge.

Sorting through the travel pieces…

The problem arises in the beginning when you are presented with so many different classes, courses, certifications and organizations to be involved with. It is like working  a jigsaw puzzle, first in one area and then another. Maybe all the green pieces, then all the brown and the blue and on and on.  But how does the whole picture look? It isn’t wrong to take all that education, but first you need the “border” (the framework) of the industry and then you can fill in the middle.

Online Travel Agent Training

Online Travel Agent Training - Cruise and Tour PlannersThat “border” is my narrated online travel agent training school.  It gives you the “what”, “why” and “how” for the entire industry.  With all that information, you will know the terminology, the legal, the suppliers, the geography and so on.  Now you can fill in the middle with ongoing classes, certifications, conferences, travel and the rest of your career.

Another option is my manual with all the text and forms you need to be a more professional travel agent. Or, do both the school and the manual.

Contact me, and together we’ll unscramble the “becoming a travel agent puzzle“!

***revised from original publish date 1/21/13


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