How to Become a Travel Agent

How is Becoming a Travel Agent Like Fishing?

Becoming a Travel Agent is a Little Like Fishing - Certified Travel Teacher

Fishing in Puget Sound

Do you enjoy fishing?    Maybe catching is better?

It is a family joke that I am a better fisherman than my husband.  It has always seemed that I get the bigger fish, that’s true. We now have a boat so we head for salt water in the Pacific Northwest. Some days you sit all day and catch nothing.   Sometimes we move a lot trying to find that “hot” spot.  Then we see the problem…

Become a travel agent and know your competition - Certified Travel Teacher

Killer Whales

The Killer Whales are in our fishing grounds.  The call goes out to all the fishermen and we pull up lines and head home.  Competition has arrived.

The travel industry “ocean” is very big. You may be fishing with the wrong “lure” or in the wrong place.  Or maybe the “killer whales” of travel, i.e. Costco, Vacations to Go, are in YOUR waters.  Maybe you are like the landed fish that is doing a lot of flopping around and you can’t figure out what to do next.

Your answer has arrived…

My online travel agent training school.  No more do you have to try this and that and wonder where success is.  There is no school like this anywhere at any price.  We start at the beginning and you will learn the entire industry.  Now you have the tools to “fish” properly and become profitable.

In manual form “Become a Home Travel Agent’ at or in eBook at  Whichever way you want to learn, it is there for you.

See you in school.   It is fun, easy and mobile.  No tests ever.



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