Host Travel Agency

Why Stay With a Host Agency?

How long have you been a travel agent?  More than 10 years?  Are you working under a host agency?

Maybe it is time to take off those chains  and go on your own.  You should have enough knowledge to have your own HOST agency.

I have done it and will teach you how.  It is easy.  Over 60% of my income comes from my Independent Contractors.  Start with one agent and you can build as big as you want

Subjects you will learn:

  • Why be a host agency?
  • BuildaHostAgency-CruiseandTourPlannersWhat you need to do before becoming a host agency?
  • Where to find agent?
  • How much time does it take?
  • Financial Information
  • Responsibilities of each
  • And many more

Now is the best time to move out.  You will love the freedom.

Get the book at or the ebook at




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