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You Could Work at Home in Your Own Travel Agent Business!

Work from home - Cruise and Tour Planners

How many people do you know who work their business from home?

In 2003 when I moved my travel business home, I had no idea how many people in my neighborhood had home-based businesses.

One day I was looking out my window and saw cars in the driveways all up and down the street.  We aren’t a real chatty neighborhood, so I had no idea what anyone did as a profession.

It was an amazing revelation to find a builder, book seller, costume maker and others on my block.  We all work in our pajamas!!  Of course what the picture doesn’t tell you is that I have been up and on the phone since 5 AM talking to Miami to solve a cruise problem so clients can have a seamless trip. But that’s all right, because I can quit early or in the middle of the day if I want to.

Home based travel businesses

Since the year 2000, many travel agents have either moved their offices home or started a travel business from home.

There are 2 problems we face:

  1. How does anyone find us to book travel?  
  2. If you are just starting, how do you get training?  

When there were travel agencies everywhere, like gas stations were, it was easy to find us.  And we could start learning the business in an agency by filing brochures, answering phones, and learning from the agents in the office.

I just happen to have the answer to both questions!

First of all the training:  With my online travel training classes, I will take you from setting up your office through every phase of the travel business.

It is a complex business and you can make a mistake that will cost you everything you own, if you aren’t trained.  With 34 classes plus 2 bonus classes, 32 downloadable documents and 17 resource guides, you will be well equipped to call yourself a Professional Travel Agent.

Home Travel Agent - Cruise and Tour PlannersThe answer to the second question is that I teach in my 2 classes about Marketing your business.  Too many people think they can sit in their little home office and people will be calling day and night.  Not so. You have to get out and into the world. I will give you a lot of tips that have worked well for me over the many years I have been in this business and that can make you profitable.

Sign up for my classes to save you time and money while making you a nice income.  You can also buy the manual “Become a Home Travel Agent” at Amazon.com or on eBook at Kindle.com.  Whichever you choose, get proper training.

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