Home Based Travel Agent Skills

Important Skills To Be A Home Based Travel Agent

TravelAgentSkills-CruiseAndTourPlannersI have been a travel agent since 1995 and I’m still going strong…I love to travel, I love to book travel for clients, and I especially love to see people get into the travel industry.

After my training and a few years of experience working in two different travel agencies, I struck out on my own, moved my office home, where I have been since then. I would highly recommend working from home…it’s a great lifestyle.

With that in mind, I’d like to share some of the personal skills I have learned over the years that will be helpful and important for your success.

Along with your passion, you need these skills…

It all boils down to great customer service:

  • Be friendly and helpful – You are, or will be, working in the hospitality industry, and will be working very closely with your clients. These clients are depending on you to help them plan and book their dream vacation. Your warmth and friendliness are their first impressions, and will play a big part in their experience with you and whether or not they will call you the next time they want to travel.
  • Be attentive – In order to be helpful in providing your client with the experience they are looking for, you must have great listening skills. Your client needs to feel like they are the most important, and serving them is the most important thing on your agenda. Being attentive to their desires and needs personalizes your service, and will help you stand out from other travel agents.
  • OrganizeClientInformation-CruiseAndTourPlannersBe organized – Because you could be dealing with several clients at a time, it’s important to create an organized way of keeping each client’s information. Nothing turns a client off more than disorganization, fumbling through papers, or losing track of the things you have discussed and planned.
  • Be a problem solver – You will have many opportunities for helping your clients out of binds…a missed flight, a lost passport, missing luggage…there is a long list of unfortunate opportunities that could come your client’s way, that you will be able to give assistance for. When they come along, by keeping calm, you will be able to think through the problem and help come up with a solution.
  • Be patient – You will come into contact with all kinds of people with all kinds of emotions. It will be your job to help them work through whatever is bothering them, and you will need patience, understanding and good communication skills to be able to do that.

The  basics of becoming a Travel Agent


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