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Family Reunion
Family Reunion

Since Sept 11, 2001, group travel has become very popular.

People love to travel with those they know, like and have similar interests with.  Here is a listing of possible groups.  Do you belong to any of these?

  1. Family group-making connections is very important for the generations
  2. Meeting Groups-have a seminar at sea for a vacation with a purpose
  3. Incentive Group-an award for a “job well done”.  Builds loyalty
  4. Reunion Group-class, neighborhood, military, Good Old Boys- women events
  5. Non Profit Organizations-put the FUN into FUNdraising
  6. Church Groups-build community and get to know each other
  7. Sports Teams-bring a celebrity or hero and give classes.
  8. Craft Group-bring your scrapbooking, quilting,cooking, photography
  9. Card Group-hold tournaments, teach classes
  10. Ethnic Groups-dress in your native clothing and have a night of music & dance
  11. Clubs-cars,chess,fishing,guns, motorcycle, camping trailers, country clubs
  12. Fraternal Organizations- Elk, Moose, Eagles, Masons, Knights of Columbus
  13. Weddings & Honeymoons-Bring the whole group and have your wedding at sea
  14. Couples- Put a dash of romance into your relationships.  Bring some friends.
Be a Pied Piper

Be a Pied Piper

There are many more groups that people belong to. 

 Group organization needs  a Pied Piper to organize the group. Wherever they suggest to go, people follow.   For their effort, we can arrange some free travel with a certain number of people booked. 

These groups can work for cruises as well as land vacations.  Every trip I take I see groups of all kinds traveling together.  Talk about it, then talk to Granny on the Go- helping you see the world before you all leave it.  Cruise & Tour Planners

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