Golf and The Travel Business

Have You Ever Compared Golf to the Travel Business?

Golf and Business - Cruise and Tour PlannersThere are more similarities between the game of golf and selling travel than you might imagine.

I am not a golfer, but as I watch a golf tournament, I am thinking how much alike golf is to the travel industry.   For instance, a golfer needs to have a good knowledge of his clubs and balls.

In the travel industry we have many tools we must have a good knowledge of such as, all the suppliers and their online technology.  How to use the computer, read maps and understand the different methods of seeing the world.

More similarities…

Then the golfer needs to know about the golf courses such as, the condition of the greens, what is the distances of each hole  and the terrain of the course.  Travel agents must have knowledge of the world and everything that means such as, time zones, weather, temperature zones and the right time to go where clients want to go.

We must not forget the sand traps, water, outer boundries with the trees and paths to avoid.  In travel there are many things to avoid such as hurricanes, extreme temperatures, sickness epidemics and terrorism.

A golfer would not grab a club and run out onto the course thinking he can swing anywhere at anything.  There is an order to playing on a golf course.  A person cannot wake up one day and say “I like to travel, I think I’ll be a travel agent”.  But that is what many are doing.

The travel industry is a complex business and requires serious training

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