Gift Yourself

When Was The Last Time You Gave a Gift to Yourself?

Gift Yourself - Cruise and Tour PlannersThinking about your profession, what do you need to do to step up to a higher level?

Most of the time more education is the key, and it’s a great gift to give yourself.

Many professions have CEU credits that their professionals must earn every year in order to maintain their certifications.  Some require weekend training to learn about new laws or regulations in their industries.

Keeping Current in the Travel Industry

In the travel industry, we are constantly attending trade shows, conferences and traveling on familiarization trips to stay up with this ever changing profession.

Become a Travel Agent - Cruise and Tour PlannersHow about giving yourself the gift of improving your knowledge in the travel industry?

Now you can with my online travel agent training school.

  • These are college-level classes that will teach you the entire industry.
  • The classes are narrated with downloadable forms.
  • Take the classes wherever you are, whenever you want.

Maybe you have focused on one segment, but now you need to learn more.  Here is the link with the newly reduced pricing that makes it affordable to all:  

Something New

Home Travel Agent - Cruise and Tour PlannersAnother gift you can give yourself is the the guide book to Become a Home Travel Agent.  This is an ebook your can read on your mobile device or PC….Training wherever you are.

Are you working under a host agency?  Maybe it is time to become that host agency to other agents and increase your bottom line.  I Build a Host Agency - Cruise and Tour Plannershave done it and you can, too.  I increased my income 60%.  Get this easy to follow guide to Build a Host Agency.

Now your stocking is stuffed and you are ready to become more profitable.  All the best.

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