Funding For Non Profits

Does Your Non Profit Organization Need Funding?

Funding for non profit organizations - Cruise and Tour PlannersNot for  profit (non profit)  organizations are constantly looking for ways to increase their bottom line.  I get many calls for donations for auctions and raffles.    Since I don’t “own” anything, I can’t give anything.
For many years, cruise lines would donate a cabin on a specific sailing to Non Profit organizations. Although it was great, it became overwhelming and now there is a different approach that is a win-win for everyone – the organization, the cruise lines, and the travel agent.

A great partnership

Cruise & Tour Planners has partnered with several cruise lines to develop a simple and fun way to generate fundraising dollars.  This program combines fundraising and cruising.  I call it a “Vacation with a Purpose”.

A great Plan

  • Royal Caribbean

    Royal Caribbean

    We will offer your organization a terrific group rate with tons of value added amenities on any one of their cruise ships.

  • We will handle the paperwork on the cruise of your choice and proceeds from each stateroom sold will go back to your organization.
  • Additionally, you have the opportunity to earn free cruises that will help raise additional funds.   Many members of your organization are already enjoying these great cruise vacations.
  • You can use this cruise as a venue for a convention, bringing on speakers or entertainers.  Having breakout sessions or mini trade shows.  Unlike hotels, most of this is complimentary.
Also, as you promote this to your members, encourage them to make it a family reunion and bring along their families and friends.  The number can grow and be even more profitable.
Another way this can increase donations is for the members to be with the board members for several days in a relaxed setting.  This can motivate the members to increase their donations.
Provide your organization with a great cruise and they will benefit..
Call Sharon today at Cruise & Tour Planners for details.
**originally published 9/29/11

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