Food Trucks and Travel Agents

What Do Food Trucks Have To Do With Travel Agents?


Are you eating all your meals from food trucks?

Food trucks are enjoying a big explosion in our area.  I know 2 people who now each have one.  One serves sliders and desserts.  The other only serves one dish.  Another one I know of only serves grilled cheese sandwiches with many dipping sauces. 

Could you live long eating all your meals from a food truck?  Would you spend hours in traffic going from truck to truck?  Some trucks move around so you would need to keep track.  Some sit in the same place day in and day out.

How Food Trucks Relate to Travel Agents…

Many people are learning the travel industry from “food trucks” that have one or two topics.  Maybe a class here or there, a subject here or there, a conference here or there.  Nothing fits nor does it give any “nourishment” to your business.  All you have are a bunch of pieces that make no sense.  You don’t have a clue how to do a proper booking because you have not learned the foundation.

TravelIndustryGuide-CruiseandTourPlannersYou need my online travel agent training school.  Here is where you get ALL your proper “food” from the beginning, this is a pencil, through the what, why and how of the whole industry.  It is all right to learn all those pieces and have a meal from a “travel food truck” on occasion.  But first you need to make sure you know all the “vitamins” in your business to make it healthy.

Another option is my manual “Become a Home Travel Agent” which you can get from Amazon or the Kindle version.  The material is similar but without my witty narration.

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