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There has never been a better time to visit Europe.  Let me count the ways, in US Dollars.

  • Different ways to travel

    Different ways to travel

    What kind of travel do you like to do?  Have you ever taken a cruise vacation?  This is a wonderful comfortable way to see Europe.  You pay up front in US dollars, both for the cruise and the excursions in your ports of call.  You sleep in the same bed every night and visit many different cities and countries. 

You can even combine the cruise with a land tour before or after the cruise.  Or fly in early to the embarking city or stay later in the disembarking city.  Then we can book you a tour, book your hotels all prepaid in US. dollars.  There are different kinds of cruises – big ships, small ships, river boats, sailing vessels.  One is just right for you. 

  • Motorcoaches are fun

    Motorcoaches are fun

    Another way to prepay in US dollars is to do a land tour with a company who specializes in Europe.  There are many.  Some give you total service from meeting and greeting to saying good bye.  For first time travelers this is a very comfortable and fun way to travel.  Many tour companies now keep you in some towns for 2 or 3 days and really give you a chance to see everything.  Having a driver who knows how to get to interesting places takes the pressure off of you.


  • If you don’t want the fully guided tour, we can get you a rental car and/or train tickets and you can tootle on your way.  The main thing is that at some point in each city, get a tour from the Information Office in each city.  The saddest thing I have seen are people wandering around cities and have no idea of the history or anything about the buildings.  You may never go there again, so get someone to tell you.  All of this can be prepaid in US dollars.


  • Take small bite

    Take small bite

    Don’t take too big a bite when you go.  Better to see just a small area fully than to jump from country to country just to say you have been there.  Check the distances and decide how you will travel between them.  Depending on when you go, prebooking a hotel may be necessary.  The good ones fill up quickly and sleeping in a train station isn’t the most comfortable or safe.  Again, these can be prepaid in US dollars.


  • Why are you going to Europe?  Heritage tour?  Are there war stories in your family and you want to visit the battle fields?  Religious tour?  Taking your family to stay in a villa in Italy or France?  Church group going to Israel or Turkey?   Needing help with a group tour? 

Whatever your reasons, however you want to go, just don’t let the money stop you.  Call me to pre book as much as possible and enjoy your journey in US Dollars

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