Europe Travel Tips

What is the best way for you to see Europe?

Europe is big

Europe is big

Why do you want to go to Europe? How much time do you have?  When you answer those questions, then you can begin to explore all the ways to visit Europe.

  • Family heritage
  • Love of a particular language
  • Returning to see a beloved place
  • Taking family to see what you enjoyed
  • Just because you have not been there

These are some and there are many more reasons.  Now what are the different ways to see the continent?

  • Pack your bag, get a plane ticket and go
  • Pick up a car and drive yourself
  • Take trains.  They are easy and plentiful
  • Take a cruise to stop in a lot of places or just a few
  • Fly from place to place
  • Take a group tour and let someone guide you
  • Go to a city and pick up a local guide
Mountain Village

Mountain Village

What kind of exploring do you like?

  • Busy cities
  • Quiet countrysides
  • Seasides
  • Mountains
  • Small villages
  • Local culture and meeting people
  • Staying in luxury hotels
  • Finding Mom & Pop B & Bs
  • Villas in charming locations

Is this overwhelming?  Maybe you better have some expert guidance to make sure you get the best value for your travel dollar.  And also, so you don’t waste your time trying to figure it all out in a foreign language.

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