Cruise Ship View and Review


A review of this cruise ship will tell you some secrets you may not find on your own.



The first stop you need to make as you review the ship is this  unique features found on the wall outside each elevator bank.  It is a Location Finder.  It tells where you are.  Then you tap what you are looking for such as:

  • Dining venues.  Up comes a list and with that list is a graph that shows how busy they are at that very moment.  This information is also on the TV monitor in your cabin.  For the hallway maps, touch “map it” and it shows you how to get there. 
  • Entertainment.  This gives you all the shows and where they are playing.
  • What to Do.  Here is the listing from that moment on thru the day and into the night of the activites going on and where.

Inside glass elevators

Inside glass elevators

There are 2 main elevator banks.  One toward the fore and one toward the aft.  Very convenient.  Each bank has 16 glassed elevators.  Waiting is very short, even at busy times.

On Deck 11 is the Library right outside the aft elevator.  A nice quiet room with books and magazines.  There are 4 computers in there with fast hook ups to the internet.

On Deck 14 is the Card Room right outside the aft elevator.  This room is


always busy.  Lots of tables for card games and board games.  There are 4 computers in here with internet service.  There are packages you can buy for this service.  Also on Decks 7 and 9 are a couple of small rooms with computers.  All the cabins have internet access if you want to bring your own computer.

On Deck 2 is the Medical facility.  State of the art with medical people on staff.

Pinnacle Chapel
Pinnacle Chapel

On Deck 17 aft of the ship is the Pinnacle Chapel.  A beautiful room with nice seating for weddings or church services.  It has a nice lobby to enter from.  Close by is the Pinnacle Lounge that can be used for private functions  Beautiful views.  Also on this deck is the Viking Crown Lounge.  A nice quiet space during the day and a disco at night.  Great windows for viewing the passing scenery and wildlife.                             

Viking Crown Lounge

Viking Crown Lounge

Deck 3 has a lovely Conference & Business Center.  Bring your conventions, business meetings, non profit groups and combine business with pleasure.  I call it a Vacation with a Purpose.

Never forget the casino.  Since poker is so popular, it gets an area of its own.  No lack of slots and all the card tables. 

Royal Caribbean has not left anything out.   This ship sets a high mark for cruising.  If you book this ship online, you may miss the little secrets.  I am the expert, so let me help you.

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