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What Do Potential Clients Look For When Choosing A Travel Agent?

We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.” – Hillaire Belloc

ReasonsToTravel-CruiseAndTourPlannersPeople travel for many reasons, some for business, some for relaxation, and some for adventure. But whatever the reason is, hotel reservations must be made and flights must be booked – someone’s got to do it! It’s either the traveler or a travel agent.

There are those in today’s world who don’t think they need to use a travel agent, until they run up against some problems when they try to book their own travel online…like the person who booked his own reservations for a trip, and when he got his credit card statement, there was a post trip charge on it that was very difficult to have removed. Or the person who had booked a trip online, and then, while on the trip, something went wrong and she needed to make some changes, and couldn’t get any help doing it.

Life would have been much simpler if they had had a good travel agent.

What to look for in a good travel agent…

  1. GoodTravelAgentKnows-CruiseAndTourPlannersA good travel agent knows his/her clients. They take their job and their clients’ preferences seriously.
    • how they like to fly – preferred airlines, preferred travel times and days
    • types of hotels they like to stay in
    • preferences for auto rentals
  2. A good travel agent is reliable. The client needs to know that her travel agent will always do their best for her, always be her advocate, and on the other end of the phone if trouble arises.
  3. A good travel agent is organized and good at follow-up. The client appreciates an acknowledgment of what they requested for their trip details, and follow-up answers to any questions that might have been left unanswered.
  4. A good travel agent has experience. Not just experience in booking travel, but experience having traveled themselves. Along with experience, they are current in what’s going on in the world and familiar with what’s going on at different destinations.
  5. A good travel agent stays calm under pressure. They have, and use their resources to help you if things go wrong and will stand with their client in case of an emergency.
  6. GoodTravelAgentLearning-CruiseAndTourPlannersA good travel agent is always learning. Through continued education in their field and about suppliers and destinations, a travel agent can offer superior customer service.
  7. A good travel agent is your travel counselor and a good communicator. They are not just order takers. With their ongoing education in their field, they can better advise their clients.
  8. A good travel agent knows the travel industry. He has built relationships in the different areas of travel and knows where to go to find those important answers for his clients.

If you’re thinking of going into the travel business, it’s a great choice. To become successful, you’ll want to fit all the criteria above for being a good travel agent and you’ll need a good training school…

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