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Is It Time to Change Your Job?

TimeForJobChange-CertifiedTravelTeacherHow do you view yourself in your present occupation? Do you feel polarized or paralyzed?

Are you polarized and being forced to be in a position you don’t want to accept?

Are you paralyzed and have become powerless and ineffective in your job and life?

Neither position is acceptable for your well being and success.  Maybe you have dreams that you can’t fulfill because of being paralyzed or polarized?

Signs that it’s time for a new job or career…

It can be difficult to recognize that it’s time for a change, to know when your job isn’t fulfilling your work needs and life goals, or to face the idea of job searching. But there are signs that are unmistakable and should not be ignored:

  • You hate Monday morning…it means you have to go back into work.
  • Although you really look forward to the weekend, you can’t get your mind off work and you stress about the things that didn’t get done or will need to be done, so you find yourself heading back into the “office”.
  • Your job is too demanding, it may require too much overtime or too much travel time.
  • You start feeling dissatisfied with what feels like a go-nowhere situation, you don’t see an opportunity to advance, or grow and become more and earn more.
  • You don’t feel appreciated for your contributions to the company.
  • You find yourself lying awake at night worrying about stressful projects or situations at work.
  • You don’t feel like you can be yourself when you’re on the job, your real self wouldn’t be acceptable.
  • You have constant issues with your boss.

No matter your age or situation, you can break free, change your job into a career and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

The travel industry might just be the way to break your chains

  • WorkFromHome-CertifiedTravelTeacherFreedom to travel and see new and exciting places.
  • Freedom to help others do the same.
  • Freedom to work from home on your schedule.
  • Freedom to create places for groups to go and you can take them.
  • Freedom to be happy, smiling, friendly and excited about the opportunities coming your way.

My online travel agent training school will give you the basic training you need to make the change you need.  There is nothing like this anywhere at any price.  You will learn the entire industry with all the tools in your hand to be a profitable professional.  Now is the time to make that decision.

Build a Home Travel Agency is now available in book form at or ebook at  Whatever way you choose, jump in and learn.

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