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Are You Asleep in Your Career or are You Learning and Advancing?

Our home has had the privilege in the last 11 months of having our great grandson live with us.  It has been so much fun to watch him begin growing in his life.

A new baby

The first big excitement came when he rolled over for the first time.  His Mom was exuberant with joy.  The next step was when he got up on his knees.   Although he didn’t figure out the arms that went with that, he slowly did the crab crawl.  Some weeks later he sat up alone.  That was exciting.  This week he stood alone for

the first time.  We know what comes next and we are off to the races.

Crawling stage

As I think about these stages I am comparing them to the travel agent business.





You come in as a “newbie” not knowing anything

  • Sitting stage

    Where are you getting your training?  

  • Are you able to learn from mentors?  
  • Are you with a host who is training you?  
  • Are you totally alone and feel like a “bull in a china shop”?  

Just like the child in our home, there are stages you go through before you are able to run.  It may take 5 years to be fully developed.

Training is essential to be a profitable professional.

Maybe you just want to do this as a hobby.  You still need training.  You are handling client’s money and emotions and heaven help you if you mess up either one.  The travel industry is extremely complex and mistakes can cost you everything.

I offer an online travel agent training school.  I was a newbie at one time even though I had had 2 years in a community college, I still didn’t know the what, why and mostly the how to do any travel bookings.  My school is unique in that I teach from where I have been.  Also, I am a full time travel agent for over 20 years and have made the mistakes.  You will make enough of your own, so don’t repeat mine.  Learn from a professional travel agent, not an “educator” who has never booked as much as a rental car.

I have also written a manual that gives you some of the same information as in the school, minus my witty narration.  You can purchase it at or in the version as “Become a Home Travel Agent“.  Whichever way you go, get training that is up to date and workable.

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