Business Direction

What Direction is Your Business Going?

What kind of a “train” are you?

BusinessDirection-CruiseandTourPlannersA few nights ago we had the misfortune of being in a hotel that was by the railroad tracks.  Why anyone would build a hotel here is beyond me.  But it was full.  We didn’t get much sleep as the trains were in constant motion all night.

Thinking about trains leads me to equate them to the travel industry.  What is the direction and purpose of your “train” in your business?

Some trains are on the move.  Going quickly from one train station to the next.  In some countries these are bullet trains.  They go very fast and are moving forward.

Some trains are freight trains.  The bang and crash in one place back and forth as they hook up and un hook cars.  It takes a long time to get ready to move out and then they don’t move fast as there is always another car to pick up someplace.  Don’t you hate to get stuck at a crossing when a freight train is going past?  As a kid I loved watching all those cars.

Some trains are stuck on a siding and never move.  One spot on the tracks where we live, trains have sat for years.  “Poured in cement”, I would say.

Is Your Business on Track?

KeepYourBusinessonTrack-CruiseandTourPlannersWhat kind of a train is your business?  Are you learning and moving forward with all the new technology and training?  Are you taking classes to improve your bottom line and offer better service to your clients?  Or are you a pokey freight train that is slowly plodding along doing the same thing you have done forever?  Maybe you are stuck in a rut and parked without any new life in your business at all.  I hope you are not derailed and upside down.  I can help you get back on track.

My online travel agent school will give you that jolt you need to get on track and get moving.  There is nothing like this anywhere at any price.  No matter how long you have in the travel business, there is still something to learn.

You can also get the manual “Become a Home Travel Agent” at or in the Kindle version.

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