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Competition in Business

No matter how big or how small your business is, someone is waiting to take your valuable clients.

Business competition - Cruise and Tour Planners

Who will win?

Protect your clients - Cruise and Tour Planner

There they go

We were in Tanzania a few years ago and watched this fight between 2 impala bucks wanting to take control of a herd of females.

One buck was older and had a large herd.  He couldn’t even eat in peace because he knew down the road was a herd of young bucks waiting  to take the herd.

Sure enough, as we watched, here came a cute young buck.  As the 2 collided, 2/3rds of the females ran behind the cute young thing.

After the fight, off went the young buck with his new herd.  Now the old one was really wary as he tried to protect the few females left.

In the Seattle Times a while back, this article appeared

What do Impala bucks have to do with business?

For several years now I have found, that like the young buck, the online travel agencies have been wooing my clients.  There is a misconception that booking travel online is less expensive.  Not only is that not true, but it can be very expensive.

Whether it is a new engine for an airplane or a new shoe lace color, competition is part of doing business.  But I have found a way to appreciate my clients that helps to keep them in my “herd”.   Check this out.  Then call me.

**originally published 7/20/11

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