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High Rise Under Construction

Watching a new high rise or condo go up is fascinating.

Some of the ones in our city take 2 or 3 years just to do the foundation.  All that concrete and re-bar, measuring and measuring takes a long time.

I drive through parking garages almost weekly.  Just thinking about what if someone mismeasured and a concrete pillar got poured in the middle of the elevator shaft.

Then I was thinking about someone wanting to become a professional travel agent.

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Travel Agent

Sometimes people wake up in a morning and say “I like to travel…I think I’ll be a travel agent”.  No training, no foundation and lots of “mismeasuring” using client’s dreams and finances.  A sure recipe for disaster.

The travel industry is looking for professionals.  Training is absolutely necessary.  My online travel agent training program will give you the what, why and how to become successful.

Don’t try to to this yourself.  You will pour your foundation in the wrong place which will spell failure for you and unhappiness for your clients.

Check out my classes, and come on in.  We have a desk that fits you and your “back hoe” is fired up!!

Another option is to purchase may manual “Become a Home Travel Agent” from or in the Kindle version.  Similar content as the school but without my help or witty narration.  Either way, get education to become a profitable professional.

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