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What Does it Take to be a Professional?

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Professional Golfer

A while back I was watching the Master’s Golf Championship.  I wonder how many of those players woke up one day and said “I’d like to be in the Masters” and then signed up to play?

It doesn’t happen that way.  It takes years and years of training, practice, making thousands of mistakes and winning lots of tournaments to arrive at this tournament.  To earn a Green jacket is the highest honor in golf.

What about other sports?  Can you just decide one day to be a pro player?  Of course not.

Becoming a Business Professional

Being a Professional Travel Agent takes training and education and, oh yes, making mistakes.  But when our clients have the “trip of a lifetime”, it means that now our industry can look at us as Professionals…not just as someone who is still practicing!!

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Train to be a Travel Agent online

The travel industry is looking for people who want to achieve the level of Professionalism that will make them profitable.

Here is where to start, at my online travel agent training school. 

This training will give you the what, why and how to become a travel agent clients want to do business with.  See you in school.

Now available at is the complete industry training in manual form “Become a Home Travel Agent”.  Also now on ebook at Kindle.  Your choice, but get the training you need to be professional.

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