Basic Training

Without basic training we would never send a young man or woman into battle. 

Basic training for battle

Basic training for battle

Some friends of ours have a son in basic training in the Marines.  When these guys come out, they are rough and ready for the fight.

How about becoming an accountant, doctor, attorney or other profession?  They have to go through the actual practice of what they want to become.

Why not send a person who wants to become a travel agent to travel school?  Most travel schools closed their doors a few years back.  You can still find a community college here and there who teach some form of travel agent training.  But, no one teaches Basic Training.

Until now…online travel agent basic training.  From how to set up your office, through every single phase of the business.  You will know HOW to be a professional and profitable travel agent.  Learn before you Leap!!  Affordable, portable, fun.

Or get the manual for Become a Home Travel agent at or the Kindle version

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