An Amusement Park or What???

This amusement park could be at any place, but on a cruise ship?

The neighborhood is called Boardwalk and this fits with all the features, plus ice creams parlor, souvenier shops, etc.

The evolution of the Carousel horse

The evolution of the Carousel horse

Going through the sliding doors on Deck 6, the first thing that you see are 4 large wood blocks and carvings of the evolution of the carousel horse. 

 It is a marvelous display.  Then the full size carousel.  What was funny was most of those riding  were adults.  Want to

Full sized carousel

full size carousel

be a kid again?  This is free and you can go round as much as you want.  The only thing missing is the music.  I suppose the area is not condusive to carousel music. 

No lack of food in this neighborhood.  It is open to the sky so you can sit inside or outside.

  • Johnny Rockets with their famous milkshakes (very thick) and old fashioned hamburgers.
  • Seafood Shack

    The Seafood Shack with a variety of fish and chips and other seafood

  • The Ice Cream Parlor is an old fashioned store with all kinds of ice cream that changes daily.  Go ahead and have that banana split that was banned at home.  Sit inside or outide and watch the carousel.
  • The Donut Shop has a variety of sweets.  A good place for coffee and a donut for breakfast or anytime.
  • Boardwalk Bar always had the drink you want.

The highest of high divers on a moving ship

At the aft of the ship in this neighborhood is the amazing Aqua Theatre.  On either side of the aft are very high diving boards.  The pool has a bottom that goes up and down.  I always held my breath as those divers plunged into the pool.  I found out there were scuba divers at the bottom making sure the floor went up and down properly.

There is a big synchronized swimming production in this area of diving with acrobatics and a cast of 20 young people.  Amazing athletes with medals from all over the world.  Even a trampoline rotates out of the floor for some specatcular jumping.

synchronized swimmers

On either side of the pool rising high up are 2 rock climbing walls.  See how brave you are.

There are also some shops for kids and teens, a candy store and a stuff animal store- Pets at Sea.

Boardwalk is great place to hang out and enjoy the sites.  Let me show you this amazing cruise ship.

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