Alaska Cruising Review

When you think of an Alaska cruise, what do you see?

There are 3 ways to see Alaska from a cruise ship.  Here is some valuable information to make your trip the best.

Does this look like Alaska?

Does this look like Alaska?

I have cruised from Seattle to the glaciers and back for 7 nights.  Talking to many people onboard, I found a lot of unhappiness with the itinerary, the ship, the ports and the weather (but who controls that?).  I tried to explain to them that if they had booked with a Certified Travel Agent, all of those complaints would have been taken care of at the booking process.  All of these people had booked by themselves online or with a company who only employees “order takers”.

This is the Inside Passage

This is the Inside Passage

This is a cruise that you need a lot of “hand holding” during the process.  First of all, going from Seattle you have open ocean for a day and half going AND coming.  You miss the beautiful part of the cruise going through the Inside Passage.  This is where the beautiful snow capped mountains, little villages, wildlife and peaceful passages are located.  You can’t know that by booking online.   So, go a little further north and cruise from Vancouver, BC, to get the best experience.

As for the ports, because of the Jones Act of 1800 something, every ship must stop in a foreign port between US ports.  So the stop in Victoria, BC is the last night.  In order to do that, time in the ports is cut short.  There is so much to see and do in the ports, you want as much time as possible.

Which leads to shore excursions.  Talk to a Certified Travel Agent who can explain what you are going to see and do in each port.  Alaska has much history of the Gold Rush and that is emphasized in Skagway.  Juneau is where you want to take the helicopter and dog sled on top of the glacier.  And so on.  We can explain them all.  Maybe you want a float plane into Misty Fjords or a salmon BBQ.  So much to see and do.

And lastly, about the ship.  If there are children of any age, they need to be happy or the whole family is unhappy.  Some ships have a lot of activities for all ages, some do not.  My ship this time did not and there were some very unhappy teenagers.  Not all ships are equal.  Price is not the only factor for choosing this cruise.  Talk to me at Cruise & Tour Planners for expert advise.

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