Alaska Cruise/Tour Review

There are 3 ways to cruise to Alaska. 

  • Round trip Seattle to Alaska and back in 7 nights
  • Round trip Vancouver, BC, Canada to Alaska and back in 7 night
  • One way North or South Bound starting and ending in Vancouver and starting or ending in Seward or Whittier, Alaska

So which is right for you?

Alaska Inside Passage

Alaska Inside Passage

Many of the ships from Seattle do not go through the beautiful inside passage.  This is the scenic part of the trip with mountains and evergreen scenery on both sides.  The passages are narrow and the ships must go very slow.  Many times here is where you see wildlife and native villages.  The mountain are snow covered glaciers and spectacular.

Going from Seattle will give you a full day up and day back in open ocean.  This can be very rough at times.  Plus, unless you see an occasional whale or dolphin, there is no scenery.  But for some people, going out of Seattle is the best option.

The cruise from Vancouver gives you the best in terms of scenery.  Find a spot with a view of the passing scenery, take out your binoculars and camera and enjoy the journey.  Remember it is light for a long time into the evenings, so you will have a wonderful experience.

If you do the North or Southbound trip, you can add on an interior Alaska adventure.  Taking either the train or motorcoach from or to the pier gets in quickly into the heart of Alaska.  Some tours include time in Anchorage with much to see.  Others go on the train straight to Denali Park and the majestic Mt. McKinley.  A minimum of 2 nights there is needed to go into the heart of the park on a Wilderness Tour.  That gives you wildlife everywhere.  Then hop on the train and continue to Talkeetna.  Spend a couple of nights at the base of the mountain with all different tours.  On to Fairbanks for a couple of nights to visit more of this wonderful state.

Riverboat Discovery

Riverboat Discovery

If you have time, take a small plane over the Arctic Circle and have your certificate for a souvenir.  A visit to Ester Gold Camp in Fairbanks for a fun evening as well as the Binkley Paddlewheeler on the Riverboat Discovery should be on your list.  A stop at North Pole, AK is a must.  As is a stop at JKNP, the radio station at the top of the nation is really underground.

There is so much to see and do in Alaska.  You may need many trips to see it all.  We are ready for our 6th trip and it is never boring.  Call me to make sure you are on the right cruise or cruise/tour for you.  Cruise & Tour Planners 866-367-7657

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